StartupGo!Go! The Pitch 2018
Big Japan Pitch Event for starting from seed, the early stages of Startups

Final 2018.9.28(Fri) @Denki building Mirai hall

Prize money is 1,000,000 yen!
Starting from seed, the early stages of a Startup will be a big a challenge!

Companies from Japan and outside of Japan with high enthusiasm will be present at startupGO!GO!2018, as they will be looking for potential developments to provide early stage seed investments.
It is a great chance to present your pitch in this event, not only to businesses in Japan, but also to businesses in the rest of the world.
People who have presented their pitch in the past, gained the opportunity to form an alliance, or a fund raising.
In addition, it is the location for national convention such as NICT (Entrepreneur Expo) and NEDO (TCP) etc.
Furthermore, we are waiting for everyone who is willing to take on the challenge, and going into the rest of the world.


  • ■ Qualifications

    • fundraised less than 100 million yen(JPY) by equity.Excluding procurement at Debt Finance.
    • startups at the pre-seed, seed, early stages.
    • The age of establishment is unquestionable.
    • The address may be domestic or foreign.
    • Business against business law, public order and morals, antisocial forces and business related to organizations similar thereto are excluded.
  • ■ Regulation

    • First stage of selection:
      • Interview with the secretariat
    • Primary passenger enters the final.
    • Final divided into 1st round and 2nd round.
    • Final 1st Round: Pitch of 3 minutes and Q&A of 3 minutes
    • Final 2nd Round: Pitch of 5 minutes and Q&A of 5 minutes
    • Pitch is done in Japanese or English.
    • The final examination items will be evaluated for innovation, feasibility, market size and pitch.
  • ■ Prize money

    • Virtual currency 1,000,000 yen worth (as of September 28, 2018)
    • Other than that, there is also a sponsorship prize
  • ■ How To Apply

    There is an entry form at the bottom of the page.
    Submit your entry (Pre-entry)

    →We will send you an email regarding your application

    →Which you need to open and confirm your application

    Entry registration from here

  • ■ Privileges

    • VC and Professionals will be mentoring
    • Access to Entrepreneur Expo and Koshien
    • Selected for NEDO(TCP)
    • Luxurious rewards from every sponsorship
    • Applicants who passed the first stage are able to display their booth at the StartupGo!Go!2018 event on 28th September
  • ■ Location

    Denki building Mirai hall

    Denki building Kyousoukan 3rd foor
    2-1-82 Watanabe-dori, Chu-o-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

  • ■ Judges

    VC,New project leaders from big companies,etc

  • ■ Schedule

    • Deadline application: Monday 20th of August
    • First stage of selection: Monday 21th of August - Wednesday 5th of September.(From time to time)
    • Notice of primary selection result:Fryday 7th of September
    • Final: Fryday 28th of September


We post an announcement on the website when the judges are decided.


We post an announcement on the website when partners & sponsors are decided.


Please enter your information on the application form.
After, the office will send an email with the document evaluation.